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Titus Lunter

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'Painting demo & Basic composition' - with some thoughts to boot!

In this video I will be talking about some of the basics of composition while I demo a painting setup with just those rules. The file contains a whole bunch of cool stuff:

- A 30min video with audio at 6.5x painting speed

- A 60min video, this time no audio at 3x painting speed so you can see better!

- The PSD

- Large res JPG

- 3 JPGs showing Axial Plane, Flow and composition

- Small Readme file with troubleshoot. Short version, use VLC!

Who this is for:

Anyone who wants to brush up on their classical composition rules. People who want to see my painting process.

Who this is not for:

People who want a in depth explanation of my exact painting techniques. You can see them but I dont really talk about them - sorry, maybe next time! And also people who are not interested in some pretty heavy theoretical stuff or are already well versed in theoretical composition.


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